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Web development is the process of integrating a design, concept, or business initiative on the Internet. For those venturing into the world of web development for the first time, it would mean an analysis of your business by our web business consultant to determine which strategy and approach will benefit your company's online presence.

What does web site development involve? Infinite Edge web developers are interested in leading your way to powerful website creation and then also MAKING Y-O-U-R business work! It demands more than in depth programming skills- it calls for progressive development skills to keep up the lead in an ever-growing web-environment. Website development requires sharp business analysis, requirements analysis and needs assessments apart from adept programming skills- a knack of the web-market to keep on adding to the customer's value chain.

The most successful web solutions today are those that are continually updated and which interact with the viewer - providing a personalized, and thus customer facing experience. Infinite Edge Technologies has an excellent understanding of the internet, web technology and the integration of existing business systems and processes. Our investment into our team has resulted in their ability to deliver some of the industries best, most complete solutions - whether small static brochure ware sites, or the most interactive and highly complex e-commerce systems. Their level of experience, skill-set and professionalism has lead to our in house developed software and web solutions to be of the highest quality.

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Today many companies are looking to create a more flexible working environment, where multiple working sites can be supported. However, of equal importance is to ensure continuing increased profitability and reduction of costs, which is done through the continual improvement on the internal processes and communications. With the help of modern Internet technology, these strategic goals can be easily reached.


An Extranet is a private network that uses the Internet protocol and the public telecommunications system to securely share part of a business's information or operations with suppliers, vendors, partners, customers or other businesses. An Extranet can be viewed as part of a company's Intranet that is extended to users outside the company. In addition to developing a leading Intranet solution, Infinite Edge Technologies also has the keys skills and resource to build an extranet solution around your company's needs and requirements.

Project Management

Our team of experienced project managers follow standard and proven forms of methodology to ensure budget and deadlines are met. We believe that good planning and communication relieves the pressure on all parties, which in turn provides you with the best possible service.

Infinite Edge's approach to any project will always start by developing, in association with our client, a detailed specification document, which defines the exact functionality of the Web application required. It also provides a key reference document for the software development phase. With the specification document as a guide, the project manager will manage the design, development and testing phases to an agreed project plan, ensuring that the solution delivered meets the client's requirements exactly.

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