Classified Ads
Add free Classified Ad to your site and generate additional revenues
Infinite-Edge believes that if multiple sites would promote use of a classified ads system that shared a common database, each site would have a program with a larger number of ads. The concept would work as follows: Any ad placed on one participating classified ads program would be seen on all other participating classified ads sites; Conversely, a viewer looking at one classified ad program, will see a much larger variety since the other participating sites contribute to the same database. The program, which was launched in Sep. 2004, employs cutting edge technology while remaining most user friendly. Each participating site receives its own co-branded version of the "Infinite-Edge Technologies Classified Ads" and all revenue is shared between the participating site and Infinite-Edge.
In the first quarter of 2004,
Infinite-Edge embarked on the development of a "uniform Classified Ads program" which would serve the entire Jewish niche market. The thesis behind this product was the need to offer users an online Classified Ads program that would have a critical mass of ads.

The system's significant advantages are as follows:
1. All sites belonging to a certain online community share a common database. Therefore, a person placing an ad will enjoy his ad being seen on many sites, and those searching for ads on any co-branded site will see all the ads placed by the sites as a single, deeper database. This gives the consumer far broader choice of products than the individual site's.

2. The program generates more traffic for participating sites.

3. Each site has admin access to view sales made on their site in real time

4. Each individual advertiser on the Classified Ads system has admin access to view his product's exposure data (# of viewers, click throughs, etc.)

5. Each site receives a portion of all revenue generated from ads placed on their site

6. Participating sites have no up-front cost other than a guarantee to promote their classified ads to their viewers

Within one month of launching, there were 10 sites which chose to participate in this program and several more are scheduled to join later this year. The sites business model in this program is based on each participant/advertiser paying a weekly or monthly base fee, with additional fees for Featured Ads, larger space, more pictures, prominent placement on the page, etc.
Infinite-Edge Technologies believes that the program could attract interest from many "community" sites, which are too small to have their own successful Classified Ads system, but have mutual interests or philosophy with other sites. Therefore, the Company will be marketing the program to other sites and their potential affiliates, such as those in the Hispanic or African-American community, Christian congregations, etc. The sites will have their own branded Classified Ads program with their requested "look and feel"; since the system is almost fully automated, each site can easily manage it, with Infinite-Edge ready to assist in needs of more detailed technical infrastructure issues.

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